Finally got around to installing the app on my phone…

January 17, 2019 by

Decided to install the WordPress app on phone finally. Used to have it a long time ago, but after one of their updates, I removed it because it lost most of its utility for me.

Another issue is, I dislike writing on my phone. Too many opportunities to make mistakes.

It's also difficult inserting images into my posts. More specifically, the images I have saved in my asset library.

Even with all that, I decided to start using the app again so I can make short posts while on the fly. I can always go back and clean/prettify it later.

Probably the main reason why I installed it was so I can see when you, my fans post comments to me. Maybe this way, it won't take me nearly three months to respond like last time.

Guess only time will tell how successful my plan is. Wish me luck.

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