Word count 6-30-17 : Today was one of my normal days off, which wound up being a good thing

June 30, 2017 by

vintage horizontal photo of a man's handwriting into a notebook using a fountain penSo today was again one of my normal day off to do chores, spend time with the wife, the usual. With rare exception, I usually have Thursdays and Sundays off, next week being one of the few where I have both Saturday and Sunday off. Woo hoo! A two day weekend. Anyway, since today was one of my regularly scheduled days off, I really didn't have an expected goal for writing. It actually worked out for the best.

When I sat down to write, I realized I'd vaguely written myself into a corner. One of the dangers of pantsing unfortunately. So I stared at the screen without any idea where to go with the story. After about a half hour, I realized I wasn't making any headroom, so I sat back and thought about what I  believed the next steps my characters would need to do to reach the second conflict, what each character's concern was at this point, and what needed to happen. Tossing around several ideas, I realized what needed to happen in the next scene to move the story forward. I think it's enough that, once the scene is finished, will move the story along nicely to the next conflict.

I know at this point that I'm not going to be finished with this draft by tonight, the end of the month, like I'd hoped, but I have to say, I've made a significant amount of progress since the beginning of this experiment. In just nine days, I've written around 11K. That's including missing 3 writing sessions, so I have every belief that, if I hadn't missed those days or had to cut my writing session short, I could have broken 20K since the beginning of this adventure.

Did I hit my word count goal for today? That depends on how you look at it. If you consider today a normal writing day, then no. I didn't even come close. If you consider today a non-writing day, then absolutely, I went well above my expectation. So what did I wind up with today? This:

Word count for today: 926
Word count total for the project: 37,519
Actual writing time: Around an hour (wasn't really tracking it since most of my writing time was spent working on the plot progression for this chapter)

I think I'm going to set a self-imposed limit to the tracking of this experiment. At this point, I know I'm going to continue with the process since it seems to work so well for me personally. With that said, I'm only going to provide tracking posts for tonight and tomorrow, then do a write-up of the experiment and what I learned from it Sunday. Not sure if it'll just be the write-up, or whether I'll do another writing session before the write-up. Guess we'll see.

After this, I'll probably provide weekly updates for my word counts. At the pace I'm going, I'll probably be finished with the first draft of this manuscript by next week Sunday, give or take a few days. Then I'll probably spend a week working on what goes for an outline for book 3 of the series, then I'll get started on writing it.

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