Word count 6-27-17 : Kind of a bust today, but not as bad as it could have been

June 27, 2017 by

vintage horizontal photo of a man's handwriting into a notebook using a fountain penSo today, I somewhat failed during the time I should have been writing. I, unfortunately, fell down the parallel holes that are YouTube and Facebook. Having my allergies making me groggy didn't help either. Instead of my plan to start writing at 3 am and going until 7 am, I got sucked into alternating between responding to FB posts and watching videos. I finally became aware of the trap I had fallen into at around 5:58 am; way too late to hit the word count I had expected to reach today but not completely failing either. I've basically been writing for about 50 minutes, so I got a small indication of what my writing speed is currently at, even though the words weren't flowing as smoothly as they were during my last actual writing session. So my stats for today are:

Word count: 1,093

Word count for project: 34,068

Time writing: 50 minutes

In other words, I was right on track to break 1,200 words an hour. If I'd actually settled down and got to writing when I'd actually planned to, I could have theoretically hit almost 5k today, which is my target word count daily goal. With that in mind, I need to put forth more effort tomorrow to actually buckle down and start writing no later than 3 am, and possibly 2 am. If the words start flowing smoothly during my next session, I might even be able to hit 6k-7k. If I manage that, then it'll more than make up for my shortfall of words today.  I can only hope.

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