Word count 6-24-17 : Picking up speed

June 24, 2017 by

vintage horizontal photo of a man's handwriting into a notebook using a fountain pen So... I'm beginning to strongly think this idea has lots of merit after all.  To preface this, I need to point out I'm having to cut my writing time short today because I have to take my wife somewhere early this morning, so I'm missing out on around at least an hour and a half, actually closer to two. Even losing that much time, I actually almost banged out my full quota of words today. My current statistics are:

Word count for today: 1,456

Word count total: 30,364

I can only suspect that, if I had continued to write nonstop instead of ending my writing session to drive my wife somewhere, I might very well have broken the 3k mark, if not more. Another thing that's helping is that I'm starting to get back to the parts that I slightly fleshed out in my outline. If I haven't mentioned it elsewhere, my outline only covers up to about the halfway point of the story. I know in my head basically how the story ends, so I don't have that written down in the outline. I also normally pants the second half of the book, although even at that, I pretty much know what needs to happen between here and there, so the writing, from here on out, should continue to accelerate. I still have a good chance of finishing my first draft by the end of the month. It'll be very tight, but still doable. Wish me luck.

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