So I’m trying something new that I hope will help increase my writing output…

June 21, 2017 by

So I decided to try something new in regards to my writing. Once of the things that can have a positive effect on being able to reach goals is a process called gamification. Simply put, making a game out of something can increase the likelihood of reaching a goal because it activates the competitive nature in someone. With that said, I'm trying to do a two-fold attack on my writing habit.

The first part is just recording my wordcount for the day and setting it as the number to beat tomorrow. Whether it's by one word or five thousand, the goal is to type more than the previous day's amount. It's kinda like setting a high score.

The other part of the equation is that I'm going to try and create a short post every day after I'm done writing with the word count I was able to reach. That way, I have both advertised my goal publicly (another important step toward reaching a goal successfully) and also public accountability.

With all that in mind, I've picked the stock photo attached to this post with the express purpose of indicating a post that lists my word counts. If you're not interested in how many words I've written for the day, then it's safe for you to pass over. Otherwise, hopefully the amount of writing I do can help motivate you to write more as well.

As a final note, I realize now that I won't always be able to write every day, either because of personal reasons or possibly due to working on projects for clients. I also realize there's a finite amount of writing time available to me during the day, so at some point, I'm going to hit a hard ceiling on how many words I can put down. With my ADHD, it's hard for me to actually sit down and focus on only writing, but I hope over time to be able to develop the habit of writing at least 4-5 hours a night. If I can get myself to write for that amount of time, I stand a real good chance of hitting a 4k-5k word daily average, which is the pace I seemed to average during the last two NaNoWriMo events I participated in. In other words, there's a good chance of generating a complete first draft of 65k words in approximately 13 days.If I can get over my absolute dread of editing, I stand a real chance of cranking out a complete book in the space of a month.

If I can get over my absolute dread of editing, I stand a real chance of cranking out a complete book in the space of a month since I can usually outline a story, or at least outline it as much as I usually do, in the space of 2-3 days, write the story in say 15 days, then spend the rest of the month in the revision/editing process. If I can reach that pace and maintain it until the end of the year, there's a real good chance of having a half dozen books in print (the current one I'm working on and also the Guardians of the Fractured Realms series) by Christmas.

With all that said, let this be the first day of my self-imposed challenge.

Today's total: 1,336

Total word count for project: 26,885

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