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Old books on a shelfSo here we are, two weeks later and I'm still working my way through The Fountainhead. At this point, I'm at around page 50 or so, so not too far in.

The holidays definitely impacted how much reading I've had time to do. Finishing up the first draft of Potential took up a bit of that time as well. Honestly though, even though I'm not that far into the book, I have to say, I'm not a big fan of either of the main characters.

With a work that's in the 700 page range, being able to like the characters makes a big difference in whether the book is enjoyable or a slog to work through.

Right now, I'm giving it the benefit of the doubt and keeping a neutral outlook on it, but if I don't start seeing something I like in either character, I'm going to relegate it to the slog pile. Don't get me wrong, I'm going to finish it. It'll just take me longer than if I enjoyed it. I can still get something out of it by analyzing the writing itself in an effort to improve my own.

Along those lines, what I'm currently focusing on improving in my own writing life is adding depth to my characters. I had someone recently indicate that my characters were flat. While other readers thought the characters were fine, it made me do a little self analysis and I have to agree. They're not the deepest characters I could have come up with, but they're by no means cardboard cutouts either.

My plan is, when I start to do my first set of revisions on Potential, I'm specifically going to focus on making the characters significantly deeper than they were in Syphon. Along those lines, I'm going to need to work on the backgrounds of everyone from Syphon so book 2 will have more depths of character as well. I realized Syphon 2 has been in development for about a year without much to show for it, so I'm switching up gears. I'm going to bring out either a short story or novella about what happened immediately after the events of book one. It'll add some background to what's happening in book 2 since I plan on having book 2 pick up a few months down the line from the events of book 1.

So hopefully I'll get something out of my perusal of The Fountainhead and hopefully add what I absorb into the WIPs I'm currently working on. If nothing else, it's one more classic book down that would probably be part of a required reading list if I go back to college to get a B.A. in creative writing.

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