Memory training-ending week three

June 21, 2016 by

Well, I'm unhappy to say it, but I haven't really done anything for my memory training this past week. I can say that of a list of 20 random words I memorized during the middle of week two, I remembered 16 of the 20, and with only one quick review, I remembered the rest of them. So I have that much going for me.

The main reason I didn't really accomplish anything memory-wise last week was due to the writing bug seriously biting me back in week two. The little bit of play I did with xMind has blossomed into a full-fledged surge in creativity toward outlining some book ideas that came to me. Obviously I don't have full outlines yet, but I've got a basic outline done for several fiction and nonfiction books.

For fiction, I have the groundwork for my sequel to Syphon. On top of that, I have the idea for at least two other series, each with somewhere north of six books each. So really, it's not that I've been slacking with the memory training, it's due to me blazing ahead with creative endeavors. I hope to revisit the memory stuff this week though because I have a lot riding on getting that foundation in place so I can progress with my self-improvement goals.

Hopefully I'll have a memory related update next week.

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