Memory training-Ending week two

June 14, 2016 by

Mind map Well, unfortunately I didn't make as much progress with my memory training skills as I would have wanted to. I actually only spent two nights, about a half hour each, working on my memory program. Still made some good progress as far as developing my pegging skills, but for the most part, contracts and other work related things kept interfering.

On a more positive note, what I did spend a lot of time on, which is indirectly related to memory development, is playing around with a new piece of software I have. Actually a couple pieces of software, but only one of them is related to my self-improvement program. What's funny is, I downloaded this piece of software nearly six months ago and never opened it. It's called XMind, and it's going to play a huge part of everything I do, going forward.

So what is XMind? It's software that's used to create mind maps on a computer, rather than on paper. I've been a long time, intermittent user of mind maps. I tend to use them when organizing information for a nonfiction book I might be working on, but usually not much further. After this weekend, I'll be using it almost daily.

What got me started with the software was an idea I started tossing around in my head about how to develop and grow my business. I had been reading the book, Become A Recognized Authority In Your Field - In 60 Days Or Less by Robert Bly, and one of the ideas he puts forth is to give a seminar or training class of some sort to develop your appearance of being an expert for the field in question. So I ran the software and started plugging in info into the mind map, thinking about all the info that would be 100% information, no selling, that I would want to include in a seminar. After about 45 minutes of brainstorming, I looked at what I had assembled and realized I have probably enough talking points to give a 4-5 hour presentation. All I'd need to do is fill in the specifics.

Then I proceeded to put together a business plan for my overall business, and now I see a fully-formed path to move forward and cause massive growth in my publishing business. Then I applied it to the sequel to Syphon. I already have the first five chapters outlined. And I started mapping out another series I'd like to write. After about 30 minutes of work, I have the basic frameworks for a 9 book series. I also put in some time to outline the book I want to write that sparked my desire to start doing my memory improvement program. Once I'm done with my improvement program, the book will be pretty straight-forward to write.

And that's just the beginning. Seriously, if you're a writer, whether you're a plotter or a pantser, you need this software. I don't make any money off it (since it's free software), so download a copy. It works great for either writing method. You can use it to outline your book before you write it, or you can take notes as you write it. If you use it to take notes as you write, once you're done with the first draft, you can see all the interlinks, sub-plots, and other story information that you might not remember otherwise, making for a much stronger and coherent second draft.

You can download the software at (opens in new window). They have 3 levels of software. I'm using the free one but I can see a good reason to upgrade to the pro version in the future.

So all in all, while I didn't advance in the area of training I was trying to focus on, I did progress in another area I was planning on focusing on in the future.

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