On a different note, I decided to take the month of February to do business stuff

February 6, 2016 by

So here's the thing. I've pushed back the release/launch date of Syphon nearly two months now. While the reasons for it were valid (i.e. doing formatting work for other clients, etc.), it really started taking away from the reason why I learned how to do book formatting correctly and start a business providing it for other authors. Namely, writing my own books and making them look professional when self-publishing.

I came to that realization near the end of January. I had just finished up another revision for a client and cracked open my WIP and realized I had lost my train of thought as to what I was doing with the revision. Basically, I was going to really just about start over from the beginning of the book again to get the flow of what I was working toward. So instead of spending productive time working on my book, I was spending unproductive time re-reading what I had already done to get myself back in the correct frame of mind. By the time I had done that, I realized I didn't have any time left to actually work on the edits. When that realization hit me, I came to the conclusion that I was doing a bunch of (paid) busywork rather than really pursuing my dreams and goals.

With that firmly in mind, I made the decision to focus entirely on developing the marketing materials for my business (What the...?!? Publishing opens in a new window) while at the same time finishing up my WIP. If I can accomplish those two goals by the end of February, I'll have accomplished my goals. Both goals will add to my bottom line and bankroll my next set of projects/WIPs. So keep your fingers crossed for me.

Have any of you ever had an issue with getting stuck in a rut trying to reach your goals, but only by taking a step back, you actually realized you were in a rut? Let me know in the comments below.

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